Sunday, 9 November 2008


FarCry2...another beautiful game.

Africa is the country and it looks really good. Like Crysis it needs a good comp to run it at max settings.

Enjoy :)

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Even more Crysis!!!

Aaahh...beautiful :)

I have never seen anything like this before in a is truly amazing. Half the fun playing this game is strolling around exploring the enviroment.

Yummy ;)

Saturday, 4 October 2008


Just a few screenies of the beautiful game Crysis. definently need a good computer to run Crysis at high graphic settings. I just upgraded my comp so I can run it at high with an average of 30 fps.

These are pics from the demo I downloaded...the full game will arrive in a few days.

Enjoy :)

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Well what do you know.........

I am still alive...

And´s a small hobby of mine doing pics on my computer...this particular pic has got a crome filter....but the trick is not to just apply a filter and think it´s all no, layers...always work in layers when you alter or make pictures with say Photoshop.

1st I played around with the lightings, then I applied a photofilter to soften the picture a bit...then when you put the cromefilter on it will have a better flow to it....look more like liquid metal....tadaa ;)

I have made a few banners aswell...for other sites. Gonna show them to ya later on.

That´s all for now me finks.....carry on.......

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Ooops...long time no see ;) was a long time since last post...umm...sorry??? :)

Ah´s a few things I have made at work....1st 2 pics windows, no glass in them on these pics though and later I painted them white.

3rd pic...these I made for our new kitchen at work...Wenge on the sides and oak in the middle...oak handles wich I also made.

4th pic...a Teak handle cause it was´nt decided what kind when I took the pic.

There...I am now all you zillion people reading this blog can relax... ;)

Carry on.......

Friday, 16 May 2008

A little something I made.....

There they was when working on these babies I stabbed myself with the chisel...turned out ok me finks ;)

And the first pic is some outdoor furnitures...really comfy things...I know, I made em :) wanna go to bed....20.16 here....ah well, just wanted to update this blog a bit.

Got more pics to show.

Carry on.......

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Well what do you know.....

...Daddy Cool is everywhere...hell, Google it and see for yourself. Me myself turns up here and there...same if you Google Battlefield 2...heheh...I AM FAMOUS :)

This is supposed to be 'Boney M' by the way...the funky disco band from the 70´s.

Music yes...I like music...all sorts of it. If a song is good it´s good...that´s it. The hell with morons who get stuck with one type of music. OPEN UP YOUR EYES AND EARES...THERE ARE TONS OF GOOD MUSIC OUT THERE!!!!!

Why listen ONLY to say death metal...or despise everything but techno...I don´t get it really???

I have met through my years of playing in bands lots of narrowed down people who thinks there are only ONE type of music that is good...oh my god when two of those got together and had different flavours....gees...I just wanna smack em silly ;)

No no no...I say...the hell with labels...there are good music and there are bad music...period.

Same with people...some are assholes, some are not....some are nice...some needs to be banned from earth. And this is NO matter what colour.
If I dislike someone I dislike the person...not his/hers looks, appearance, skin colour, religion...people are people...there are assholes in every country on this earth...simple facts.

So don´t call me a rasist cause I am not...there are lots of pale swedish people who is true assholes...believe me, I have met a bunch. There are probably people out there who thinks I am an asshole...though that is pretty far off the chart ;)

Another thing that makes me wonder is the fact that people seems to loose all contact with common sense when they are playing multiplayer BF2. I mean...some thinks that they can behave however they want just because they are sitting behind a computer in a different part of the world.
WHAT IS UP WITH THAT????? God dammit...if someone came up to me in real life behaving like that, foul language and name calling, I would probably knock him off the ground....bah. Is it so damn hard to be nice??? Grow up ffs.....

Internet is NOT an excuse to be mean and rude...there are real people behind the computers...some might take offense...keep that in mind.